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This Stunning Himalayan Writer’s Retreat Was Started By An Ex-Convict

For most writers the biggest challenge is to constantly stay inspired. Sometimes the monotony of daily life can come as a death sentence to even the greatest work of literature. The best chance you have to beat this dreaded affliction is to pack up and find yourself a new space to fuel your creativity. There are plenty artist’s retreats across the country for people looking for the perfect working getaway but one of our favourites is the Himalayan Writing Retreat which lies nestled amid the foothills of the great mountains themselves.

The retreat was started by Chetan Mahajan, a self-termed ‘accidental author’. After being set up as the fall guy in a case of corporate fraud, he was imprisoned for a month in the town of Bokaro in Jharkand. This experience compelled him to write his memoir, ‘The Bad Boys Of Bokaro Jail’ which was published in 2014 by Penguin. Today he’s given up his city life in favour of a full-time position curating events and getaways to inspire other writers.

There are two main events at the retreat, The Himalayan Writing Weekend and the Himalayan Writer’s Retreat. The first is a 3-4 event targeted specifically at novice writers who are looking for guidance and packed with informative sessions. The second is meant for a more advanced audience who are just looking for a quiet place to work that’s free of distractions. Though they don’t feature the daily sessions they realised that intellectual stimulation was a necessity so for the Retreats, they invite experienced and often award-winning authors to come on board as co-hosts.

Of course, the highlights of the trip are the mountains themselves with bonfires, forest walks and stargazing providing the perfect haven for artistic thought. They host weekend trips and retreats every month with the next one scheduled to begin on October 8th and the possibility for a long-term residency program on the cards. So if you need a place to escape and work on your magnum opus, look no further, this idyllic retreat has everything you could ever need.

For more details and to register, check out their website.

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